Apoorva Bhatt :

Profile : Learn harmonica from a veteran – earlier one of the trustees of Harmonica Club of Gujarat and now an active player of ‘ Harmonica Amateurs ‘ ( Vadodara ).
54 year old Apoorva Bhat spends a major part of his time playing the harmonica and encouraging others to learn it and develop expertise. As his Family Folklore goes, he was given an old harmonica to play with when he was a toddler and he has been playing harmonicas ever since. He firmly believes that once you achieve a certain level of competence, you can play complete songs on the harmonica without supporting tracks ( See his practice session videos on YouTube).
He introduced the vibration type ‘ mandolin effect’ and the ‘ train effect ‘ on the harmonica. In any song, he is successful in playing the entire range of the notes in the original orchestra and the only limits are those set by the instrument. With dedicated and sincere practice, it becomes very easy for one to play on karaoke track, he believes. ( See the songs of his students ).
He adulates ‘ Marhoom ‘ (Late) Rafi Saab and considers him his spiritual music coach, though he never met him. He believes that Rafi Saab’s evergreen music is a source of inspiration and learning even today.
Apoorva Bhatt has a flair for playing fast and difficult interludes and preludes of a song when another player takes the lead part. His preferred instrument is a trusted Larry Adler 12 model.