Harmonica Maestro : Milon Gupta

Milon Gupta was born on 22nd November 1933 in Calcutta. His mother was a very accomplished singer in Calcutta having sung in the All India Radio. As a child he used to play the ordinary mouth organs till one marine engineer person from Dover Road / Deodar Street of Calcutta (where Milon Gupta used to live) got him two Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas. And there began the journey of the great Milon Gupta.

A self taught musician with absolutely no formal training, he single handedly took the mouth organ to levels never attained in India. He showed that how a pure Western Instrument with such complications and limitations can be adapted to play Indian melodies and songs with all the perfect nuances. This was evident in his early days itself when he was mesmerising audiences with his skillful playing of songs like ”palkir gaan”, ”gayer bodhu”, ”Ayega anewala”, ”jago mohan pyaare” and many more, which till then was unheard of being played on a mouh organ.

This Website Officially Salutes Milon Gupta  for the talent. Listening to this master motivate all over the India.